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Focus on Human Rights, not Idiots

Written By Voice Of Baptist Papua on March 30, 2011 | 7:12 PM

Had to write something about all this Bolt crap...

First of all, the Free Speech debate is not relevant to the case, I am no Lawsmith so I will leave that point to those better equipped than I... particularly, Lawyers and those directly involved in the case - once they are able to discuss it of course... and because I want to leave that issue to those with more knowledge and right to discuss it, I will talk about a different issue - What is SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE in OZ today - I will leave the Law for the Lawsmiths!In America terms like "African American" are usually much preferred over "Negro" and the term "Negroid" has all but disappeared (Thankfully). It is in part about the etymology of the term, but more so it is that this has become a common preference for many individuals and in time has become the accepted standard.

In Australia, 'Aborigine', 'indigenous', and occasionally even 'aboriginal' are still used in complete disregard of Community, academic or etymology of the terms. Aboriginal voices, opinions and perspectives and LIVES are perpetually under attack.

Aboriginal people die in Police Custody in Australia - in horrendous and cruel scenarios - no one is EVER Found responsible for these preventable deaths.
It does not get extensive media attention or on-going wider public outcry.

Andrew Bolt is sued for Racial Vilification...
Every person, Radio host and newspaper has an opinion and the legalities of the case, issues of  Racism & Identity are not on the table for debate - Free Speech is.

I believe it is time we assert some basic public standards - the climate of open racism in Australian media is what has led to idiots like Andrew Bolt pushing the envelope too far and thinking he can break the law, has lead to politicians condemning deceased victims in refugee-related tragedies, radio shows giving away prizes in shameful mockery of the dead, and has seen an amazing recurrence of what were becoming outdated forms of Scientific Racism... it has also led to most people having NO REAL IDEA about the situations faced by refugees, Aboriginal people or about the brutal GENOCIDE going on in West Papua...

Let's slow down for a second and think...

1. Aboriginal identity is an issue for Aboriginal people, families and communities. We cannot be expected to adhere to imposed conditions of Aboriginality.
1a. This is especially true of conditions which mirror the genocidal intent of the Stolen Generations - encouraging Aboriginal people to deny their heritage. 

2. Freedom of Speech does not mean sitting silent when people spread hatred, lies and racist propaganda.
2b. this is especially true of silence over GENOCIDAL actions, not just silence over the rhetoric that supports it.

3. Are we happy that our practical embodiment of implied Free Speech has resulted in the social dialogue being dominated by Andrew Bolt & Co. while educated, experienced voices of truth, logic, reason and hope must be found on or on a blog - or on the Daily Show... ?
3b. We have to watch the amateur hour shows (Except Jon Stewart who does awesome work) to hear the professionals, and we watch the professional mainstream shows to see amateur hour at work...

This is not an issue of legislation, but one of social expectations - I am tired of expecting to see Aboriginal people lied to, lied about and offended and disrespected every time I open a newspaper, watch the news or switch on the radio... I am tired of expecting to see ads for gold jewellery sales and NOT hearing about the Genocide that is going on right now as a result of the gold coming from West Papua and other parts of the world. (Check or @710928 on Twitter to learn more). I am tired of expecting that if I read about refugees I must also hear the modern incarnation of the Yellow Peril propaganda and NOT about the preventable suffering of our fellow Human Beings, and what we can do to help.

I am not shocked by shockingly racist articles anymore.

I am not not shocked by shocking racist statements by Government.

I am shocked when a news story about Aboriginal Australia is treated with respect.

That is 'Shocking'... my expectations of Australia have sunken so low I don't expect anyone to be held responsible when I hear an Aboriginal man was killed in custody... and I am right every time...

We don't expect murderers to be held accountable for murder and so they are not.
We do not expect Andrew Bolt to get sacked for being a dangerous racist bigot and so he doesn't.

These issues are not just about how we as a Privileged Country are taking seriously our responsibilities, to our fellow Humans, but to OUR OWN EXPECTATIONS & STANDARDS OF WHAT IS DECENT!

If it is about FREEDOM, it is about what we freely choose for ourselves as a society.

It is about the Freedom of those who currently have no freedoms, and have no voice, finding ways to be heard... trying to stop injustices which are happening under our very noses.

...not about some insignificant, pompous, privileged idiots having the Freedom to breach Anti-Discrimination Laws under the guise of Free Speech...

What FREEDOM & RIGHTS & RESPONSIBILITY & DECENCY mean in OZ are things that we as a Nation decide by our words, our actions and our expectations, and our decisions will be reflected by our realities...
at the moment Refugee Fear & Hatred, Silence Over West Papuan Genocide & Aboriginal Deaths in Custody, A HUGE Gap in outcomes; & a racist Aboriginal Intervention, among other realities, are what reflect our Nation...

The fact that as a Nation we are up in arms to defend Andrew Bolt, but not to condemn real atrocities reflects our Nation as well.

END The Intervention!

End Deaths In Custody!

End Genocide in West Papua!

No Dirty Gold!

Welcome Refugees!

Then I will worry about Andrew Bolt's right to break the Racial Discrimination Act..

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