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WEST PAPUA: Indonesian Military & Police intimidation at West Papuan Baptist Church Conference

Written By Voice Of Baptist Papua on June 26, 2008 | 12:43 AM

Indonesian Military & Police intimidation at

West Papuan Baptist Church Conference

Reported by Revd Socratez Sofyan Yoman,

President of the Fellowship of West Papuan Baptist Churches.

13th March 2008

On the 13th March 2008, I [Revd Yoman] opened a regional conference of Baptist Churches in Magi, Jayawijaya regency [in the Highlands of West Papua]. The Magi regional Head of Police, the Military Commander, the Head of District and the Post 756 Military Commander came to the opening of the Church conference with five armed Indonesian soldiers.

This was a very strange phenomenon that military soldiers from military Post 756 came to our church with their military weapons. I was sitting in the middle when a military soldier with a gun in his arm took photographs of me. Other Battalion personnel were standing in the middle of the church building while several other personnel were walking around the conference participants who were sitting. We all experienced the Indonesian military’s oppression towards the church leaders and our congregation.


Indonesia must stop “lies, manipulation and

exploitation of God’s people”.

Reported by Revd Socratez Sofyan Yoman,

President of the Fellowship of West Papuan Baptist Churches.

6th March 2008

[Note: As an attempted propaganda stunt, the Indonesian military (TNI) recently staged a fake “surrender ceremony” of 36 Papuans who the TNI falsely claimed were members of the Free Papua Movement (OPM). They were actually Papuan collaborators, members of the pro-Indonesian Red & White militia -- trained, armed and financed by the Indonesian military. See Alliance of Papuan Students (AMP) report and photos copied below.]

Message from Revd Yoman to Mr Sabam Siagian, former Indonesian Ambassador to Australia and a panel member of BP’s Tangguh Independent Advisory Panel (TIAP)

“Dear Mr Siagian,

You are always speaking about Papuans as “separatists” and “OPM” but I want to tell you that only God’s people exist in the Land of Papua. We Papuans own this land and live on it. You cannot manipulate and label us as OPM members just like the 36 people who “surrendered themselves” and who were reported on Papua Post Media on 6th March 2008.

You cannot defend the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia with lies, manipulation, and exploitation of God’s people. Please stop the manipulation and stop playing with the people’s rights and dignity. Do truth and justice exist in the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia?

Thank you for all the nice Biblical verses that you send me through SMS texts every morning about God’s truth, justice, honesty, love, peace and human values. All those verses encouraged me to send you this message.

We pray to God that God will bless you, the Military Commander and all of us including the Papuans who have been manipulated as OPM members.”

Report 13th March 2008

On 12th March 2008, I met the Head of Jayawijaya Police and on 13th March 2008 I met the Military Commander of Jayawijaya. My mission was to see the 36 Papuan civilians who were created and labelled OPM members by the military. I told the Head of Police and the Military Commander that this is not the time to manipulate and to exploit Papuans as OPM members just like they were labelled OPM when the Indonesians and the missionary arrived on our land.


TNI plans to “surrender” 36 fake OPM/TPN at District Military Command 1702 Jayawijaya




Written by Alliance of Papuan Students (AMP) Numbay

Friday, 07 March 2008

AMP Papua General Consulate News

7,025 members of KOPASSUS Indonesian elite Special Forces in full military combat gear and equipment have arrived in Wamena, delivered by Hercules A-1310 and Puma helicopter registration number H-1322) which landed at least five times in succession.

Thousands of TNI/BRIMOB are patrolling Wamena and outlying villages in preparation for the so-called surrender of 35 fake military-trained OPM/TPN members who were and have always been nurtured by TNI Battalion 756 WMS and the Jayawijaya Military Commander (Dandim 1702).

The fake OPM/TPN under the command of Wes Telengen will surrender to the Papua Military Regional Commander on 6th March 2008 and are not real OPM/TPN members. It is known that Wes Telengen is a regular visitor to the Wamena Battalion 756 Military District Headquarters and in fact receives training and guidance from the TNI (Indonesian Army).

Wes Telengen and his fake group will receive 15 billion Rupiahs (Bahasa Indonesia = Rp.15 milyar) and although his group do not own M-16s nor AK-47s, for the purposes of Indonesian military propaganda will be given these (to hand in, as it were).

We the Consulate General of the Papuan Students Alliance (AMP/Alliansi Mahasiswa Papua) state to the public and the international community:

* The surrender of Wes Telengen and his group of fake TPN/OPM who were nurtured by the Wamena District Military Commander.

* Strongly protest the efforts of the Papua Military Commander/Pangdam Trikora XVIII, Battalion 756 Wamena District Military Commander, Indonesian intelligence agencies (BIN, BAIS and BAKIN) in promoting conflict situation to maintain and continue their business interests.

* Real OPM/TPN will never surrender to the neo-colonialist Unitary State of Indonesia and will fight to the final drop of blood.

* Papua Military Commander/Pangdam Trikora VXIII to stop seeking to elevate his own position and importance within the Indonesian military establishment through the use of photo-opportunity propaganda such as the surrender of fake OPM/TPN.

* The Consulate General of the AMP International (Papuan Students Alliance) strongly reject the Papua Military Commander's (Pangdam Trikora

XVIII) cheap propaganda.

We issue this statement on the so-called surrender of Wes Telengen and 35 members of Indonesian-trained and nurtured fake OPM/TPN who are in fact known to be members of the Indonesian Red and White militia.

Papuan Students Alliance International

General Consulate AMP International

(name withheld)

Spokesperson General Consulate AMP International in Papua


Indonesian intimidation & manipulation forces Papuan pastors to report Revd Yoman for “discrediting Indonesian government & military”

Reported by Revd Socratez Sofyan Yoman,

President of the Fellowship of West Papuan Baptist Churches.

14th March 2008

On 11th March 2008, Revd Perinus Kogoya, Revd Wesyu Kogoya, Revd R.D.F. Pangendahen, Revd Yos Musendi, Ypiur Kiwo, and Martinus Asmuruf reported Revd Socrates Sofyan Yoman to the TNI Major-General Haryadi Soetanto, the Military Commander of Cenderawasih (PAPUA) Region XVII. They stated that Revd Socrates always discredits the Indonesian government and the military.

These people who made the report not only have sold the oppressed native Papuans who always speak out the truth but also they have tried to prohibit the freedom of God’s people and the Church’s voice in West Papua.

They have oppressed Revd Socratez Sofyan Yoman, President of the Fellowship of West Papuan Baptist Churches.

I (Revd Yoman) told the Military Commander that I was born in a remote village, a place which was far from any modern lives. I grew up in a honay (a hut) that had no ventilation, I ate sweet potato and drank fresh water, yet I was intelligent and had an open mind. However, the Military Commander and his friends grew up in a much more modern town and already understood modern ways. So why does he still sing the old song, labelling Papuans with OPM stigma. Now is not the time to use that stigma. Using the stigma is not relevant anymore in this era of information and globalization, and it abuses the Papuan people’s human rights.

Richard Samuelson
Free West Papua Campaign, Oxford, UK.
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